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Guy and Betty Beatty

Guy and Betty Beatty

Guy E. Beatty was raised on his grandparents' farm in rural Virginia. After high school, Beatty went straight to work and attended classes at American University in Washington D.C. He eventually graduated with a bachelor of laws degree from LaSalle Extension University.

At 29, Beatty left a position at 3M and started his own real estate business, Beatty Realty Company, and sold land for several years.  Beatty later shifted his business focus to commercial real estate development and in 1967, built the first of many retail shopping centers.   The family business grew into a portfolio of nearly 40 independent firms that were developed and managed under the parent company, The Beatty Companies.

Beatty's first connection to the College of Charleston and the School of Business was when his daughter, Susan, attended and graduated from the College.  In 1998, Beatty was invited to join the Board of Governors.

When Beatty became a member of the board, the School was expanding in both number of students and scope of programs.  It was apparent that a new facility was needed to meet the needs of the students and faculty.  Guy and Betty Beatty made the lead gift to help enable the construction of the Beatty Center which opened its doors in 2003.  The Beatty Center is modeled after a modern corporate atrium and is equipped with advanced technology and wireless access to campus networks, giving students, faculty, and staff a place to effectively learn, work, and thrive as a business school.

Under Beatty's leadership, the Beatty family has continually and generously donated to the Guy E. Beatty Scholarship Fund.  Since 1999, nearly 70 students have benefitted from Beatty scholarships made available on a competitive basis to incoming freshmen who express their interest in a business major.  The scholarships enable students to achieve their full potential in the School of Business and after graduation.  As part of their commitment to the family scholarships, Guy and Betty Beatty meet all of the scholarship recipients at a luncheon.  "It really gives me confidence to know that someone of Mr. Beatty's stature believes in me and thinks that I have what it takes to be successful," says James Garilas, a current Beatty scholar. "It makes me give 110% in all that I do."

For Beatty, life is full of endless possibilities when hard work is the corner stone of achievement.  "It's important for everyone to look inside, soul search, and determine what you want to get out of life, and how you are going to get it," advises Beatty. "And, most importantly, do your homework."

Beatty's special interests, outside of business, are mostly involved with the outdoors including hunting, fishing, and playing tennis.  For over 40 years, Beatty has been an avid collector of classic antique cars and has served on national boards for clubs associated with antique cars.  In addition, for over 30 years, he was a board member for the Fork Union Military Academy.

Beatty received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from the College of Charleston in 2003.  He was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree from the School of Business at Bluefield College, one of five private colleges and universities that is funded by the Virginia College Fund.  He is also a leading contributor and active board member of the Virginia College Fund.